Medicare Mistake #1 Not Knowing When, Where Or How To Apply For Medicare

We’ve put together that top 10 critical and costly Medicare mistakes to avoid. We are going to put together 10 individual. Segments and videos that will be short. And to the point, that will make it easier for you to understand what we’re trying to say about Medicare and help you along your Medicare journey.

So topic number one is not knowing when, where we’re, how to apply for Medicare. Now, listen, if you’re turning 65, you have a seven month window, three months before the month of your birth. And three months after your birthday to enroll in Medicare part B. So if you do not elect to enroll in part B and listen, it happens, we have clients all the time that call us and say, Hey, I need help with Medicare.

What should I do? The first question we ask is, do you have your Medicare part a and B yet? No, we forgot to do it. We didn’t do it. We didn’t know what to do. We didn’t know who to turn to. So make sure that you enroll in Medicare. Part B when you first become eligible. Now, listen, there are some other opportunities that you may not have to enroll in part B, but it’s based on your employer group health coverage plan.

So secondly, if you are receiving social security benefits, for whatever reason, some people take it at 62 and some take it at 64 65 or may wait until full retirement age. But if you are taking. Social security benefits, then your Medicare part a and B card will come in the mail to you automatically. If you’re not taking social security benefits, you, you opted out your wedding to, for retirement age, or maybe until age 70 to, to earn additional income for when you do retire, then you will have to manually enroll in your Medicare part B benefit.

So you can either do it online. You can go to SSA dot. Where you can contact social security at their toll free number at 807 7 2 1 2 1. Now, listen, I’m going to tell you, and I’m going to forewarn you that you’ll probably have to wait online for up to an hour to talk to somebody who’s typically not in a good mood.

So I’m just kind of giving you that information ahead of time to Ford warn you about what that part of your journey is going to be like. You may contact them. They may ask you to set an appointment at a later date to help get you enrolled in your Medicare. A. Also, I remember if you’re still working again, you can opt out a part B, but it’s important that you contact your HR, your human resources department to find out if it’s required of you to enroll in part B.

And it really depends upon the number of employers that you have in your group. Where and how do you enroll in Medicare? It’s a misnomer. People think that I’m enrolling in Medicare. I’m going to go to the Medicare site to enroll there. No, you have to enroll in social security. So go to and enroll in your Medicare part B.

There, there is a link. You can find it where you can enroll in your Medicare part B without Sunday. For social security. If you’re not fluent and confident that you can do this online, you can contact social security directly for them to help you get enrolled.

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